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The mission of One Call Away is to directly affect the lives of veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  The foundation aids in PTSD awareness and to further the aid in the prevention of veteran suicide.

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The foundation strives to help grow the general public's awareness of PTSD, to further the aid in the prevention of veteran suicide and to provide direct financial support when needed.  One Call Away will accomplish this mission by providing a hotline to receive calls from veterans in distress.  Once a call has been made our goal is to provide a risk free environment by offering anonymous peer support on an individual or group basis and to be able to provide financial support for those in recovery.


The foundation operates by holding events to raise funds to help those in need.  Funds generated go to help local veterans here in Western Mass.  Our primary events is a charity ride held each September.  The ride not only generates needed funds to keep the operation funded, but it also gives a base to be able to reach out to those who need someone to talk with and receive the information on how they can be helped.  When we set up at different events it gives those who seek help someone to talk to face to face.  Often, at events, we step aside with an individual family member to have private talks as to what is happening in their lives and what can be done to pull them through.  We also have a hot line number available to those who seek intervention.  Once a call is received the support network moves in the best way to help the individual.

One Call Away Founation
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